The Colours of Trust

Lorena Colarusso Registered Psychotherapist

What does it mean to trust?  To trust is a verb.  It is something that we do and have done to us.  Trust is a result of actions, behaviours, beliefs, feelings sustained over time.  It has many colours.  We can trust others in some dimensions and not trust in others.   The colours of trust can flow and change over time.  Trust remains the foundation of love and bonding in nourishing relationships.

In many of our relationships, primary trust and loyalties lie with others, not us.  We are not, in reality, the primary trust bond.  The important thing is to be aware of where you stand and if the type of bond you want is possible. Ask, what colour of trust is authentic in this relationship?  A primal trust imprinted in the red root chakra is a complex trust bond, both psychological and biological.  It contains our earliest imprints and memories about safety, trust and bonding. Primal Trust is one of our most powerful trust bonds in whatever way it developed.   Often, this is the root of imbalance with mistrust and blind trust.  It is the source of our essential style of bonding and capacity for trust.

The gift of trust is that it can be learned and developed. Even with a betrayal of trust, it is possible to rebuild over time.  With each relationship, we learn about our capacity for trust and when we are in a blind trust or in fear of trust.  The mystery of trust is that we can only trust others and the world as much we trust ourselves.

There are levels of trust, colours of trust.   What is important is our clarity and shedding light on our distortions, denials, projections and idealisations when making decisions about trust.  This lack of clarity can work both ways. Being aware allows us to become conscious of our patterns and wounds that distort trust. We can connect in a blind trust, denying the behaviours and feelings that inform us about a true lack of safety to trust.  Just the opposite, at times, trust is merited and proven over time, yet we can be unable to perceive this.

The Colours of Trust are rainbow colours.  There is the orange sacral chakra flow of intimate trust.  When it is balanced in its giving and receiving building, it builds interpersonal effectiveness.  There is the solar golden glow of self-trust which builds self-esteem or ego-strength empowering us with confidence and mental health.

For some, trust emanates in a heart based green flame of love, personal love and holds a balanced emission of self-love and love for others.  Any imbalance in this flow inward or outward can block our ability to trust.

A betrayal of trust can be painful, and we can slip into mistrust of ourselves, our perceptions and judgement. Through self-compassion, trust can become a map to authentic personal growth and interpersonal effectiveness in relationships.

Through the psycho-emotional and spiritual development with these beginning colours of trust, we can move into the blue, indigo and violet shades.    These shades connect to the throat chakra blue flow of authentic words and expression building integrity and congruence.  Congruence results from an alignment between or outer expression and our inner beliefs, values and selves.    This third indigo eye ability to see with insight and without judgement is the basis of clarity when making decisions about what is trustworthy and what is not.

Finally, infused into all the colours of trust is the violent and white light of a higher vision and interconnection.  Bringing compassion into our decisions and balancing it with our reality-based perceptions.

We are all unique in our capacity to flow in trust with all these colours.  For most of us in our human journey, we have natural imbalances in the flow.   What is most important is that we have awareness. This awareness develops stronger as we evolve our sense of Self.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy is a pathway of balancing and clearing blocks to trust in your personal journey or your intimate relationships with family or others.  It can build inner resources to make a decision from a compassionate and discerning trust. It can build a stronger sense of Self which develops from self-awareness and self-trust.  If you would like to explore this more feel free to check my website on the types of services that are available.  Or simply contact me at  I am passionate about the soul inspired lives that authentic trust and clarity can create.

Gratitude for Inspiration

by Lorena Colarusso RP

As I leave behind four decades of commitment to mental, emotional and spiritual health, I am most grateful for the Courage to act on and move with inspiration. I reflect on the forests, paths, creeks and rivers of my career, leading me at times in so many directions.  There was a decade where I was a Director in Non-Profit Organisations while owning a part time private wellness and psychotherapy practice.  Such parallel careers for some would seem unfathomable, and yet for me, it was seamless fueled by courage, passion and inspiration. And others who might see the continuous movement as fragmented commitments, closing of chapters and beginning new ones as a sign of instability.  In fact, it was just the opposite, the inner strength of courage to be moved and act upon inspiration.  The flexibility to manifest with creativity.

Without Courage, genius lays dormant, dreams unfulfilled and our soul potential a seed without bloom.  Without Courage, education and talent can be underutilised in the manifestation of life.  I ask myself was it inspiration and divine connections that moved through me to create such a full career.  Was it my intuitive ability to hear spirit, to align with my soul purpose?  I believe that it was more about courage.  The courage to decide and act.

To truly live with Courage, its opposite, Fear must be embraced.  As both a Coach and a Psychotherapist I value differing approaches to embracing and working with fear.  Coaches see building Courage by expanding our comfort zones.  When we move through fear, courageously our comfort zones expand building our confidence, competence and self-esteem.  Even our self-identity is formed by the limits we choose and by the contrast of our values and beliefs versus those of others.   Coaches work with embracing the Fear of the unknown, fear of failure or success and more.  A key focus is the beliefs and values that maintain the operating fields of our fears in our mind and energy.

Psychotherapists approach Fear from its roots in our instinctual and biological makeup.  Fear is the natural way that human beings have ensured their survival as a species.  Being hyper vigilant to the ancient dangers of physical survival is still embedded in our brain and nervous system. To understand that we are wired with this survival anxiety allows us to breathe into our normal humanity.  Psychotherapists help you understand the fear you need and the fear that haunts you from your past.  Therapy can help you see how past unresolved fear and trauma can disconnect you from the present and stops you from creating the future you want. Through therapy you can learn to embrace this innate fear instead of resisting it, suppressing or denying it.  Often debilitating fear and anxiety can be a product of trauma that is linked to a frozen inner part of us stuck in a particular place and time.  Psychotherapy can facilitate the healing of these parts stuck in past fears, and provide corrective experiences to bring them forth into present time.  The truth is that as we resist our fear, we also resist our inspiration and creativity.  They are intimately connected.

Courage is not the same as fearlessness.  Fearlessness can be disconnected from reality based obstacles, challenges, events and people where caution is indeed needed. We need to allow ourselves to embrace and have protective fear.   Fear can also operate from many unresolved past core issues that can continue to block our courage no matter how educated, intelligent, talented or skilled we are.

Of all the growth on my psycho-spiritual path, I am most grateful for the Courage to listen to inspiration in spite of my fears and to allow it to move me into action. I am grateful for the power of psychotherapy in transforming the haunting fears of my childhood and teaching me about instinctive and healthy fear.  I believe that each time I allowed myself to be inspired, to change direction; my relationship with the source of inspiration grew in trust.  It required risk, courage and a detachment from the opinion of others.

More and more I am interested and curious about my relationship with inspiration or rather how inspiration comes to me.   I pray for the Courage to stay open and act with decisiveness when inspiration presents itself to my mind and spirit.  I pray for divine inspiration to not leave me, to keep visiting me in future chapters of life.  I honour it with my commitment to manifest, to be worthy of it and gratitude for the passion it brings into my life.

If you would like to find out more about how to work with your fears both past and present, contact Lorena.

Systemic Family Constellations


Children seldom or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents. Unconsciously they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly [within them]. Family Constellations are a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations.” – Bertold Ulsamer  

Family Constellations Facilitation is a psycho-spiritual body of work developed by Bert Hellinger, described as one of the most respected and innovative therapist in the world today.

The Systemic Family Constellations theory developed by Hellinger after years of observation and constellations work, suggests that there is an inter-generational transference of beliefs, behaviours, energies and traumas that are unconscious, emotional, psychological as well as physical. These inherited characteristics and energies can be the invisible root of disturbances and imbalances in an individual’s life that can sabotage health and well-being.


Family Constellations Process

Family Constellations can be be facilitated in both group and individual formats. This system and soul family approach often address potential roots of issues such as physical illness, addiction, infertility, anxiety, anger, depression, loneliness, unhappy relationships, failure and self-destructive behaviours.

  • Group or Individual Sessions

Family Constellations can be done through a group experience or can be individually facilitated.  The same principles of group family constellations are incorporated into individual facilitation.

  • Pathways of Exploration

Following are pathways of exploration through which Family Constellations Individual Facilitation seeks to resolve the effect of these unconscious inheritances. Working with these approaches can increase awareness of how our lives and relationships are influenced and can bring a greater understanding of the previously unconscious impact of this legacy:

  • Family/ Parental Psychological Bonding
  • Loyalty Bonds
  • Emotional Burdens
  • Family Relationships and Entanglements
  • Family Roles and Dynamics
  • Inherited Belief Systems
  • Alliance with Same Sex Parent
  • Alliance with Opposite Sex Parent
  • Rejection of Parents
  • Exclusion and loss of family members
  • Balance in Giving and Receiving
  • Orders of Love and Birth Order
  • Identification with family members
  • Men’s Roles and Women’s Roles
  • Masculine and Feminine Energies: Ancestral Lineage of women and men
  • Ancestral Empowerment & Honouring
  • Qualities of Soul:  Inclusiveness, Truth, Allowing, Honouring, Compassion, Clarity, Discernment
  • Gift of Freedom

Family Constellations Key Elements

  • Orders of Love

Through decades of Family Constellations work with thousands of family systems, Hellinger rediscovered the importance of the ancient, archetypal “Orders of Love”.  These forces are described in Family Constellations theory as being embedded in the collective unconsciousness or soul of families.  Any disturbances or damage to the “Orders of Love” in the ancestral lineage are transferred inter-generational to current and even future, unborn family members.

Family Constellations work facilitates a re connection of these “Orders of Love” and an understanding of the impact that ancestral influences have on individual lives.

  • The Family Harmony and Exchange of Energy

In all family systems events have occurred that disturb the balance and harmony of the family.

Another key aspect of the system is the flow of giving and receiving, a primal need for balance and equity that incorporates all systems family, society and more.

  • Enmeshment and Triangulation Bonds

A key issue in Family Constellations is the enmeshment of children in the emotions, traumas and issues of their parents and other family members.  Often, through this enmeshment, children energetically take on others’ emotions as their own which limits their freedom to reach their potential.


Key Events Impacting Generations

Through Family Constellations theory, events that are perceived to have a profound inter-generational imprint on family members, ancestral, present and future include:

  • An early death of parents or grandparents
  • Tragic accidents where a member of the family has died
  • Perpetrators of violence enacted in past generations
  • Victims of violence from past generations
  • Unresolved grief or loss from past generations
  • Divorce
  • Miscarriages, Stillbirths, Abortions, Death of a Child
  • A member of the family forced into the role of “Black Sheep”
  • War
  • Events that impact a culture, race or ethnic group such as slavery or acts of violence and genocide
  • Adoptions
  • A mother who dies during childbirth

The Family Constellations process can produce healing shifts in either a group family constellation or individually with a Facilitator.

Transformational shifts can occur through moments of insight that bring into conscious awareness the bonds, influences, loyalties and connections to ancestral suffering and trauma. From that understanding, it is possible to re-shape and engage life with vigor and joy.


To find out more about Individual Family Constellations Facilitation with Lorena Colarusso RP, feel free to leave a message, question or book a session on our Contact page.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Lorena Colarusso RP

By definition, psychotherapy often deals with deeper emotional, psychological and cognitive issues and trauma.  Transpersonal or Spiritual Psychotherapy goes beyond ordinary consciousness, acknowledging the miracle of the soul, mystical experiences and multi-dimensional awareness in therapy.

Transpersonal Therapy is a client-centred process that includes a psycho-spiritual approach to healing. It works with the whole human being in an integrated process that acknowledges the intimate connection between body, mind, spirit and heart. It uses those pathways to assist clients to bring greater perspective and balance into their lives.

Dealing with the challenges of life and learning how to live fully is an essential art that can be developed. The tools that are gathered through the Transpersonal path, when combined with awareness and action, have the potential to support personal capability and deeper understanding of life events.

Transpersonal Therapy assists clients to change and transform and invites them to take an honest look at their lives from a multi-level perspective. This broader view has the potential to:

  • uncover the patterns of behaviour and the themes in experience that can represent a soul message of life purpose
  • develop an ongoing awareness and deeper understanding of those experiences
  • promote ultimate transformation that walks a path of capability and well-being

In a safe and compassionate environment, Transpersonal Psychotherapy seeks to bring awareness to emotional and psychological blocks such as fear, inner conflict, feeling stuck, failure and the desire for complete control. It can create an attitude of trust and surrender to life’s experiences knowing there is inner capability to meet any challenges that surface. From that vantage point, experiences offer gifts that can encourage greater perspective and strengthen one’s resilience.

Transpersonal psychotherapy encourages clients to take informed responsibility for the experiences of their lives and develop higher understanding and awareness of those experiences as their life path. As this pattern of consciousness is accepted, the client has the potential to develop an acceptance of their inner guidance system as a resource for decision-making and focused action. This new life view provides a foundation for healing and the development of a healthy sense of well-being and capability in life.

Mind – Body – Spirit  Approach

In a safe and non-judgmental environment, techniques are facilitated which supports clients in identifying their issues, overcome the obstacles that these issues present and recover a balanced, aware and capable perspective in their lives.

In Transpersonal Therapy, the psychotherapist facilitates a ‘mind, body and spirit’ approach to healing and inner transformation and supports the client’s experience using such techniques as:

  • Focusing exercises and empathic listening
  • Meditation and Guided Imagery
  • Systemic Family Constellations
  • Perceptual Expansion and Limiting Belief Change
  • Inner Selves Voice Dialogue and facilitation
  • Inner child work that accesses both the inner child and adult
  • Relationship Dynamics and Attachment
  • Energetic therapeutic techniques such as chakra psychotherapy
  • Shamanic Energetic Therapy
  • Managing the inner critic
  • Emotional Healing
  • Expanding connection to Wise Self or Divine Self

Manifesting in alignment with Authentic Self and Higher Purpose

Transpersonal Therapy – Process

This process includes both emotional healing and experiential work and employs concepts from transpersonal and transformational psychotherapy.

Identify -> Observe -> Understand -> Accept ->             Gain Awareness -> Transform

While Transpersonal Counsellors and Therapists work on an intuitive and energetic level with clients, there is also a stepped process to its Mind-Body-Spirit approach that is focused on assisting clients to embrace their well-being.

The Therapist supports the client to :

  • Identify core issues
  • Uncover their unhealthy coping mechanisms and defense
  • Deal with emotions, trauma and the grieving process
  • Uncover their family-of-origin issues and understand their family systems and see their effects on their beliefs values and behaviours
  • Explore and support healing for the inner child and encapsulated inner children
  • Learn how to set personal boundaries
  • Discover attachment style and move into secure attachment
  • Strengthen character development
  • Balance inner polarizations and emotional reactivity
  • Understand impulsivity and gain self-regulating skills
  • Create the ability to build self-esteem and recognize their self-worth
  • Develop tools and skills to navigate the challenges and understand the dynamics of relationships
  • Work with key psycho-spiritual issues and blocks
  • Embrace their unique aspects of self and sub-personalities
  • Create inner balance and inner alignment
  • Understand how unresolved family of origin issues show up in relationships
  • Learn about their disowned selves and how this affects their life and relationships
  • Develop a connection to their Higher Self, Intuition and Cosmic Consciousness

Because it recognizes that life occurs on a multi-dimensional level, Transpersonal Psychotherapy offers the possibility for the development of emotional and spiritual maturity in those who seek self-knowledge and self-awareness through its methods. This can ultimately lead the client to realize their greater sense of place in the world and assist them in establishing deeper meaning in their lives.

Feel free to Contact   Lorena for any further questions or inquiry or to book a free discovery session.

Inner Balance Anima and Animus

Inner Balance Mastery Tools

By Lorena Colarusso Registered Psychotherapist

The masculine is sovereignty, the crown upon your soul. Femininity is humility and unconditional love, the heart within the breast of your soul and together they make the whole soul essence.” St. Germain, Twin Souls and Soulmates

We all possess the polarities of masculine and feminine essence within us. Integrating our inner masculine and feminine selves is the foundation of our wholeness. Rooted in Jungian psychology, this concept of the inner masculine and feminine is described as the“anima and animus”. It describes the male as having an inherent inner feminine and the female, an inner masculine.

Another description for these forces of nature is Yang and Yin. Yang energy being masculine is often described as light, the sun, fire, directed, focused, logical, protective and action-oriented. The Yin, which is feminine, encompasses descriptors such as the moon, intuitive, receptive, vague, diffuse, emotional, dark.

Psychologically, men are described as predominantly yang with aspects of yin energy while women are mostly considered as possessing more yin energy with aspects of yang. Each person contains the inner seeds of potential for wholeness and integration of both yin and yang.

The individual opportunities for inner self-integration of these opposites can present itself in men as they expand and embrace their emotions, their vulnerability and their capacity for connection. For women, the integration focuses on their capability for decisiveness, being action oriented, having inner strength, being independent and displaying personal power.

Integrating our Inner Masculine or Feminine is a very important pathway to accessing our full potential. Too much or too little of either can block our ability to manifest, achieve in the world and experience emotional balance.

Try this Exercise:

Take some time to review the list below and follow the instructions to uncover your unique Masculine/Feminine Balance:

What is the current balance of the masculine and feminine energies in your life and what needs further development?   Which of these aspects of the Masculine or Feminine are polarized in you?  Which are disowned or denied?

Masculine Feminine
Aggressive Passive
Independent Interdependent
Rational Emotional
Objective Subjective
Dominant Submissive
Competitive Cooperative
Logical Intuitive
Adventurous Cautious
Decisive Ambivalent
Ambitious Security Oriented
Worldly Domestic
Leader Follower
Assertive Tactful
Analytical Integrative
Strong Tender
Sexual Sensual
Philosophical Practical
Thinking Feeling
Good in Math Good in the Arts
Good in Science Good in Literature
Self-reliant Consults others
Individualistic Interpersonal
Goal oriented Process oriented
Exclusive Inclusive
Instrumental Expressive
Disciplinarian Nurturing
Pleases self Pleases others
Takes initiative Receptive
Likes time alone Likes time with others
Sees parts Sees whole
 Rebellious Conformist
Theological Religious
Separative Affliative

Balancing Brain Hemispheres:

To help you more clearly understand the masculine and feminine within you, consider that your brain is designed to accommodate these polarities. The functions of the left and right hemispheres of your brain correlate to the masculine and feminine respectively.

The left brain output is more closely affiliated with the masculine qualities of logic, being detailed oriented, being more concerned with factual data and having the capacity for words and language, math and science. It operates in the present and past. It comprehends, knows, acknowledges, orders and can perceive patterns. It names objects, is reality-based, practical, focuses on safety and has the proclivity to be strategic.

The right brain function is oriented to the imagination, creativity, symbols and images. It uses feeling and is oriented to the present and future. It believes, appreciates, knows object functions, understands meaning, is philosophical and spiritual, is fantasy based, impetuous, explores present possibilities and takes risks.

Neuroplasticity is the Gift that allows us to integrate our Feminine and Masculine qualities.

From the field of neuroscience, writers such as Norman Doidge, M.D., explain the revolutionary phenomenon of neuroplasticity. The brain’s capacity for regeneration, transformation, performance and healing. The holistic techniques include a brain, mind, body and energetic approach. The brain is impacted by forms of energy, light, sound, vibration and movement that have been described as capable of awakening the plasticity of the brain’s own transformative capacity.

In the above exercise, how well-balanced between the Anima and Animus did you find yourself to be?

Is there some integration or balancing you would like to explore?

Lorena Colarusso RP at Alchemy Holistic Counselling offers a host of options to help you achieve your desired integration of your feminine/masculine energies. Lorena is available to support you to balance your life to honour both the left and right brain activities and to assist you in exploring a full reconnection to Source and to your Soul.


The Brain’s Way of Healing, Norman Doidge, M.D.

He: Understanding Masculine Psychology, Robert A. Johnson

She: Understanding Feminine Psychology, Robert A. Johnson

We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love, Robert A. Johnson

The Quest for Maleness, Theun Mares

Unveil the Mysteries of the Female, Theun Mares

Journey to Wholeness

By  Lorena Colarusso RP

What does this journey to wholeness mean? 

From an Energy Healing perspective, it may be clearing the chakras and energy field to reconnect the etheric template to its original life force and soul essence. In the Soma perspective, the body and its cellular memory are facilitated to metabolise unprocessed emotions and memories.

The Shamanic perspective creates wholeness by locating and reclaiming soul loss through soul retrieval of split off fragments of the soul. Also, the shamanic perspective moves beyond the personal to the family soul and ancestral traumas.  Wholeness in the Psychotherapy perspective focuses on facilitating a therapeutic integration of split off inner selves or parts of us back into the psyche.

Unresolved Trauma is often at the root of separation from wholeness.

What becomes apparent is that all these mind, body and spirit pathways are a necessary part of our journey to wholeness.  While they are different entry points, all lead to the essential blocks that separate us from integration and wholeness.  At the root of the blocks are often some unresolved traumatic experience or memory that has remained fragmented in various degrees and remains unprocessed. Within these fragments are sources of energy and resources that are available to us through transformation and integration.

Inner Selves carry the fragmentation that separates us from wholeness.

When the energetic, body, intrapsychic, soul blocks are explored, the blocks are often carried by inner selves. These are the parts of us affected by fragmentation, denial, dissociation, all defences and distortions that were used.  Contained in these blocks are unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs.  When transformed the blocks can release tremendous energy and become resources.  Even when the exploration leads to body memory or energetic experience, there is almost always an inner self that is affected and carries the block.   This idea of inner selves, the normal phenomena of our psychological development is supported by evidence based therapeutic approaches such as

  • Inner Family Systems, ISF founded by Dr Richard Schwartz, The Mosaic Mind and Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • Voice Dialogue, the Psychology of Selves founded by Drs Hal and Sidra Stone: Embracing Our Selves
  • Somatic-Ego State Therapy, Maggie Philips: Healing the Divided Self

Consciousness Ego-State therapies facilitate the emergence of your strongest self, integrated self.  

When it is difficult to find direction in life and making decisions is confusing and challenging, often it is a sign that all our inner selves are not as integrated and our ego state not as strong as it can be. When it happens, that emotion and behaviour are expressed with no idea where it came from or when we vacillate from one emotion to its opposite, inner selves are worth exploring.

Ego-state therapies teach about the critical importance of the necessary psyche protection that dissociation and denial serve. 

The split, soul loss, dissociation is a form of required psyche protection, care and training are required to facilitate healing and integration.   A profound respect for the present state of ego strength and the ability to assess this before movement from implicit memory (unconscious) to explicit memory (conscious) can happen with safety.

Unresolved trauma is often at the root of the separation from wholeness.  Positive nourishment of the inner selves is important along with the healing required for transformation and integration.

Most inner selves’ therapies often include training in healing unresolved trauma for it is generally at the root of the inner self which is frozen, denied, disowned.  Modern approaches such as Somatic Attachment, Trauma Resolution and Somatic Ego-State Therapy focus on both the intra-psychic work which leads to awareness and healing of the wound,  along with bringing in the positive nourishment, required resources and corrective experiences needed for transformation.

The positive corrective experience is important for re-patterning the brain, nervous system, mind and body.

Whichever approach is taken, the awareness, healing, re-patterning of brain, mind, soma and spirit along with bringing in the nourishment, resources and new experiences to create authentic wholeness.

If you would like to find out more about how I am integrating the following into my practice and client sessions, please feel free to contact me.

  • Somatic Attachment
  • Trauma Resolution
  • Neurobiology of Trauma
  • Character Structure
  • Inner Family Systems
  • Inner Selves/Voice Dialogue
  • Encapsulated Child State

I have been studying Somatic Attachment and Trauma Resolution and Inner Selves/Family Systems through training for one year and will be ongoing.   Diane Poole Heller, PhD’s online Mastermind Circle and Somatic Attachment and Trauma Course training include theory, experiential demonstrations, case consultations and subject matter expert interviews.  I have been facilitating Inner Selves (Voice Dialogue) and working with the ISF framework since 2005.  Recently I began a professional training program through Dr Richard Schwartz and Inner Family Systems online program.


Creating a Mindful Life

Mindfulness Facilitated Sessions by Lorena Colarusso. 

To find out about Lorena’s Mindfulness Credentials click here.

A Mindful life is a unique experience for each person.

Mindfulness training is a pathway of tapping into the potential the Mind has to activate and restructure the brain and create health on all levels.

Mindfulness is a compassion-based approach with a multitude of brain changing benefits.

Through evidence-based science, a revolutionary understanding of the neuroplasticity of the brain reveals that the adult brain is changeable and continues to develop throughout life.    We can change our brains through mindfulness and self-compassion much like we change our muscles and bodies through physical exercise.  Mindfulness can be compared to a type of physical fitness or physiotherapy for the brain.   Through discipline and practice, new neural networks and pathways within the brain are developed first short term and then with ongoing practice they remain long term.

Mindfulness training has been researched and documented with key benefits mapped and linked to many parts of the brain.

It is a form of attention training rooted in non-judgement.  It enhances skills of concentration and intention.  This deliberate process of paying attention in a specific way activates the brain and creates states of mind that change brain structure. The flow of information and energy creates changes through the brain, brain stem and bodily systems resulting in mind, body, psychosocial, psychoemotional and intrapsychic health.

Ultimately Mindfulness develops the skill of present moment living allows access to deeper experiences of joy, balance, peace.  Through a process of developing inner and outer attunement, relationships can become more connected with deeper empathy and intimacy. This reconnection expands as the experience of vastness and interconnection into the depths of consciousness grows through mastery.  A sense of compassion for self, others and beyond emerges creating evidence-based changes in the pre-frontal cortex and the middle brain.

Mindfulness works through the mind and heart, through meditation, inner journeys and exercises.  

Mindfulness can

  • help us understand our emotional selves, interpsychic selves and strengthens the emotional regulation systems
  • soothes our complicated threat and fear systems
  • Gives pause to our drive and impulse systems affecting reactivity
  • Soothes and enhances our secure attachment systems
  • Sharpens our ability to concentrate and focus
  • Develops mental coherence and insight
  • Supports our bodily and immune systems
  • Builds self-awareness and self-confidence through compassion

Mindfulness Coaching and Energetic Sessions

Each session includes a Mindfulness Practice:  Meditation and Facilitation.  Also, a Coaching component to identify and transform blocks to Mindfulness development and practice.  The client can choose any mediation or practice listed.  The program is designed to teach and grow mindfulness skills of sustaining and shifting attention.  Sessions can be facilitated on Skype or in person.


  1. Re-inhabiting the Body Guided Meditation and Focusing Awareness
  2. Physiological Bodily Reconnection
  3. Breath Focusing and Emotional Clearing Facilitation, accessing the Witness and observing emotions and reactions
  4. Concentration and Anchor Points, Sound, Mantra Facilitation
  5. Linking with our Wise Self
  6. Loving Kindness Meditation


  1. Intrapsychic awareness, mapping of inner selves to expand consciousness
  2. Inner Critic and Perfectionist Facilitation
  3. Pusher and Striver Facilitation
  4. Nurturing the brain with energetics and words of nourishment and self-compassion
  5. Development of the Aware Ego Process, non-attachment and separation from inner selves with the power to choose behaviour

Development of a Compassionate Mind

  1. Compassion Skills Facilitation
  2. Recent positive experiences of compassion
  3. Compassion through the timeline, past to future rewiring the neurons
  4. Development of Presence from Inner Stillness

Relational Mindfulness

  1. Nourishing a secure attachment system Facilitation
  2. Empathetic Communication Facilitation
  3. Intrapsychic parts compassion Facilitation


  1. Perceptual Positions Facilitation
  2. Transforming Negative Self-Talk with Heart Centred Affirmations

Expanding Consciousness through Energy and Information Flow

  1. Energising the 7 Bodily Chakras Facilitation
  2. Opening the Heart Chakra System Facilitation
  3. Activating the Third Eye and Crown Chakra Facilitation
  4. Unified Chakra Facilitation

Connecting to the Ocean of Consciousness through Mindfulness

  1. Belvaspata Core 12 Pairs of Emotions Facilitation
  2. Belvaspata 16 Rays of Light Facilitation
  3. Belvaspata Heart Energies Facilitation
  4. Belvaspata States of Being Facilitation

Mindfulness Manifestation

  1. Connecting to the Authentic Self and Soul Purpose
  2. Mindsight for clarity and contrast to reveal the essence of desires
  3. Invoking the States of Being and Heart Energies to manifest

Mindfulness and Character Development

  1. Returning to self-love and original expanded state of pure potential
  2. Reconnection to self, source, love and family constellation

Intuitive Mindfulness

  1. Opening up the interconnected channels of brain and heart intuition
  2. Awareness of bodily wisdom and intuition

Contact Lorena to book a Mindfulness Session

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